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Highlight Release: World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference Opens on October 18th

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With the deep integration of the new-generation information technology and manufacturing technology, the entire business format and value chain system of the automobile and related industries are undergoing profound adjustment and transformation. The layout of the global automotive industry's ecology and technological innovation is being reshaped. The auto industry is ushered in a new era of cross-border integration and rebirth of business format. The strategy of a strong manufacturing country clearly raises the strategic goal of intelligent automobile industry development. By 2025, the vehicle informatization and intelligence will be gradually realized. The development of intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) has become an important carrier for promoting the construction of a powerful transportation country, digital China and a smart society. As the world's largest auto market, China is undergoing rapid changes. Intelligence will be an inevitable trend in the promising future.

How do ICVs become really “unmanned” or “smart”? Which direction will the next step go in after unmanned driving is realized? What kind of cool and smart vehicle does the younger generation of users prefer? The answers to these questions will be decrypted at the "World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference" (WICV) in the near future.

In order to create an international exchange platform open to the world and promote the formation of a new ecology beneficial to the development of ICVs industry, the "World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference" (WICV), organized by the Beijing Municipal People's Government and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center on 18th - 21st October, 2018.

The conference scale, importance of guests, depth of content, exhibitor scale, number of visitors and supporting services will all surpass similar activities, making this conference weather vane of ICVs global network remodeling and industrial upgrading. This conference will provide a high-end and in-depth interpretation of "new governance, new ecology, new products, new standards, new technologies and new models", gathering the strongest power of ICVs upstream and downstream. Now let us look at the highlights of the conference in advance.

Linking Upstream and Downstream to Create an Open Ecological Platform

In order to create an open and shared ecological platform, this conference brings together important representatives from well-known domestic and foreign mainstream car companies, emerging car manufacturers, new energy vehicle companies, communications companies, Internet companies, smart sensors and spare parts companies; and it invites Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, FAW, BAIC, Geely, Baidu, Tencent, Huawei, Iflytek and a number of government officials to attend the opening ceremony and sub-forum to share the cutting-edge trends. They will discuss the future together focusing on ICVs ecological environment, technological breakthroughs and innovation, application services development, standards collaborative sharing, and future direction. This conference brings together the upstream and downstream parties in the industry chain to jointly explore the way forward for intelligent connected vehicles.

Looking Ahead, Aiming for the Future

WICV is co-hosted by the Beijing Municipal People's Government and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and jointly organized by the Equipment Industry Development Center of MIIT, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, and China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID Research Institute), Beijing Shunyi District People's Government, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, China Electrotechnical Society, Automotive Knowledge Magazine, World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Magazine and other institutions. This conference invites important personnel from relevant central ministries and commissions, government departments of main model cities, auto industry, mobility and transportation, ICT field, AI, investment and financing area to explore new trends in industrial change, share the insights and visions of ICVs industry, so as to stimulate more idea collisions and sparks, and set up the weather vane for ICVs industry.

"Meeting" and "Exhibition" Linkage, Focus on Intelligent Frontier

The conference will host 14 activities including the main forum, symposiums, international cooperation roundtable, academician lecture, and the future vehicle developers conference. The whole industry will be involved in the discussion on new ecology and technological innovation of global auto industry, key technology breakthroughs and empowerment, global vehicles, artificial intelligence, information, transportation, communications, energy and other multi-industry cross-border integration process and roadmap, to explore new landscape of automobile and new model for capital integration.

Exciting exhibitions will be held during the same period. Well-known enterprises from automobile industry, intelligent transportation, Internet, communications, microelectronics, artificial intelligence and new energy industry will all be present and demonstrate their latest achievements. Up to now, 150 companies including FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, BAIC, GAC, BMW, Volkswagen, BYD and Chery have signed up for the exhibition. The exhibition is expected to welcome 80,000 audiences. 

In addition, there will be other exhibitors including domestic and foreign mainstream auto and key parts enterprises, "new forces" of new energy and ICVs, battery, motor electronic control and other key components enterprises, as well as related suppliers from charging facilities and industrial upstream and downstream.

Academicians and Future Stars Think about Future Innovation

As the highlight of this conference, Academician Lecture and the Future Vehicles Developers Conference have become pioneers in the era of innovation. The team of important instructors consisting of a number of academicians will extend the discussion on integration of artificial intelligence and automobile, system architecture, intelligent algorithms, in-vehicle chips, human-vehicle collaboration and other professional fields; and they will present interactive professional lectures with both academic and popular characteristics.

The Future Vehicle Developers Conference will bring together all the big-name developers of ICVs, and invite technology giants and cutting-edge forces such as Baidu, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft, Huawei Cloud, 360 Group, and Under free discussion, ideas will collide into sparks, providing a new upgraded high-end experience and security for ICVs, breaking through more technical bottlenecks and leading ICVs to experience qualitative change. 

When ICVs meets the 3.0 generation of AI, under the new integration of mobility and life, what kind of future with science fiction will we wait for? With industry authority and elite experts gathering together, let us meet in Beijing on October 18th and approach the future!

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