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Leading the Future of Automobile Industry, “World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference” Will Be Held in Beijing

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The press conference of the "World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference" (WICV) was held at the Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport on the morning of September 14. The press conference was hosted by Jiang Guangzhi, Deputy Inspector of Beijing Municipal Commission of Economics and Information Technology. Deputy Director of Equipment Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) Qu Guochun, and Member of the Standing Committee of CPC and Deputy District Mayor for Shunyi District Zhi Xianwei attended the conference and delivered a speech. Lu Shan, Director of Equipment Industry Development Center of MIIT and Dean of CCID, introduced the overall arrangement and preparations of the conference. Zhou Weidong, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, introduced the preparation conditions for the exhibition. The press conference announced that WICV will be held at the Beijing National Convention Center from October 18th to 21st, 2018. The conference attracted more than 100 well-known media at home and abroad.


Auto Industry Facing Changes, the Era of ICVs Is Coming

The automobile industry is an important force to drive a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is an important support for building a strong manufacturing country and a significant pillar of national economy. As the development trend for the future auto industry, intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) have received great attention at the national level in recent years. The strategy of a strong manufacturing country clearly defines developing ICVs together with energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles as important development strategy. Three ministries jointly issued the “Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for the Automotive Industry” in 2017, which also proposed that ICVs should be an important breakthrough for the transformation and upgrading of China's automobile industry. It proposed the development goal that by 2020, Chinese ICVs should be on the similar development level with international ICVs and by 2025 Chinese ICVs shall rank the tops in global ICVs market.

With the accelerated development of China's auto products in the direction of intelligence and networking, a good development environment for ICVs industry is taking shape. And basic advantages of industrial development are emerging. Guided by the whole vehicle of ICVs, development pattern and trend of ICVs industry composed of power battery, charging pile and car network will become an important part and highlight of discussion and exchange in WICV.

To Implement the Strategy of Becoming an Auto Power and Accelerate the Development of Mid- and High-end Value Chain in Global Auto Industry

The development of ICVs is an important carrier for the implementation of the national automobile power strategy. Qu Guochun, Deputy Director of Equipment Industry Department of MIIT, said that national strategic deployment and huge auto market demand provide continuous driving force and improvement opportunity for industrial development. With the increasing strength of information and technology industry supporting the development of intelligent and connected vehicles, China owns a good foundation and strategic advantage in developing ICVs. This conference will build a ICVs international platform for exchanges between China and the world and speed up development of China's ICVs industry.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has done a lot of work in the development of ICVs and related industries. In terms of top-level design, Vehicle Network Industry Development Special Committee under the State Leading Group for Building China into a Strong Manufacturing Nation was established to focus on strengthening collaboration among departments and committed to resolve important issues for ICVs. In terms of standards and systems, the Standard System for Intelligent Connected Vehicles was released, and the Technical Committee for ICVs of the National Automobile Standards Committee was established. In terms of industrial alliance, MIIT established the China Intelligent Connected Vehicles Industry Innovation Alliance and accelerated the preparation to build a national innovation center for ICVs. In terms of testing demonstration area, MIIT strengthened cooperation between ministries and provinces, and supported Shanghai, Chongqing, Beijing, Zhejiang, Changchun in Jilin, Wuhan in Hubei, and Wuxi in Jiangsu province on construction of testing demonstration zones. In the field of vehicle networking, MIIT organized 5G technology R&D and verification and fully participated in the establishment of 5G international standards.

Jiang Guangzhi, Deputy Inspector of the Beijing Municipal Committee of Economy and Information Technology, told reporters that the automobile industry is an important part of real economy. Promoting transformation and upgrading of auto industry is of great significance for Beijing to build a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence. In order to comply with the new trend of intelligent and networking development for auto industry, Beijing will also focus on creating an innovation center of ICVs industry, and building an eco-industry demonstration zone for ICVs, so as to make positive efforts and contributions to the development of the global ICVs industry.

Zhi Xianwei, Member of Standing Committee of CPC and Deputy District Mayor of Shunyi District in Beijing, said that as the Capital’s modern manufacturing region and core area of Beijing's auto industry, Shunyi District is promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional auto industry to new energy and intelligent auto industry. The next step will be to drive the development of electric, intelligent and shared vehicles, focusing on new energy vehicles, ICVs, 5G information communications, vehicle networking, big data, AI, electronic products and services, vehicle intelligent management and intelligent transportation, etc. We will build an intelligent driving industry cluster with independent controllability, core technology and open collaboration, and form the incubation base for intelligent driving industry, talents highland, industry and capital gathering place, so as to build an ecosystem for intelligent driving vehicle development running through innovation chain, industrial chain and value chain.

Decoding Future Mobility, Creating International First-class Exchange Platform and Weather Vane for Development

Lu Shan, Director of Equipment Industry Development Center of MIIT and Dean of CCID, introduced that this conference, with the theme as “Entering a New Era of Vehicles”, have three sessions namely forum meetings, exhibition and dynamic activities. The conference, exhibition and interactive experience shall form a trinity with many highlights.

The conference has 14 activities including 1 main forum, 7 symposiums, 1 international cooperation roundtable, 1 academician lecture, 1 future vehicle developer conference. This conference will invite domestic and foreign government officials in related departments, industrial institutions, institute and universities experts, enterprises representatives in the auto, electronic technology, transportation fields, and investment and financing institutions, and other guests to participate in joint discussion on the new trend of industrial transformation. This conference strives to be high-end, cutting-edge, representative and influential, and aims to become a feast of ideas for the future mobility industry.

Zhou Weidong, Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Machinery Sub-Council, said that the conference will be equipped with exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, a total of 5 indoor exhibition halls, 10 featured exhibition areas, 1 outdoor test drive area, 1 unmanned (Automatic) driving test area, and dozens of concurrent interactive experience activities. The conference strives to create an international exhibition platform with the largest scale, the highest level and the richest intelligent networking elements in ICVs field, showing the domestic and international ICVs company image, strengthening the brand awareness of ICVs companies, and making publicity and promotion on new products, new technologies and new programs.

It is reported that the organizing committee will strive to make the conference an industry trend and application summit with the largest scale, highest level, most important content and guests and the biggest influence in the global ICVs field, making the conference an important international exchange platform and development trend indicator showing new thinking, new model, new technology new products and new formats for mobility industry, as well as an intelligent ICVs platform for communication between China and the world. It is believed that the grand gathering of the global ICVs core power will play an important role in the eco-development and layout of China's ICVs.

Let us meet in Beijing from October 18th to 21st and witness the "World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference"!

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